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The Bugler plays the bugle (or a similar interest) to mark key moments during the day on Troop outings, such as reveille and lights out. They must know the required bugle calls and should ideally have earned the Bugling merit badge.

Reports To: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Bugler Duties:

    *  Make himself proficient in playing the following bugle calls from memory; Reveille, Assembly, Mess,
       To the Colors, and Taps
    *  On campouts and when requested at other Troop functions, play the bugle calls as requested by the
       Senior Patrol Leader
    *  Enthusiastically wear the Scout uniform correctly
    *  Live by the Scout Oath and Law
    *  Show Scout spirit
    *  Set a good example for other Scouts
    *  Complete other duties as assigned by the Scoutmaster

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