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Den Chief

The Den Chief works with a den of Cub Scouts and with their adult leaders. They take part in den meetings, encourage Cub Scout advancement, and they are a role model for younger scouts. Serving as Den Chief can be a great first leadership experience for a Scout.

Responsible To: the Den Leader in the Cub Scout pack and the Assistant Scoutmaster for the new Scout patrol in the Troop.

Specific Duties:
    *  Knows the purposes of Cub Scouting
    *  Helps Cub Scouts advance through the Cub Scout ranks
    *  Encourages Cub Scouts to join a Boy Scout Troop upon graduation
    *  Assists with activities in the den meetings
    *  Is a friend to the boys in the den
    *  Helps out at weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings
    *  Meets with adult members of the den, pack, and Troop as necessary
    *  Sets a good example
    *  Enthusiastically wears the Scout uniform correctly
    *  Lives by the Scout Oath and Law
    *  Shows Scout spirit

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